Care tips Regal Pelargonium

In this video grandmother, mother and daughter show us how to care for Pelargonium Grandiflorum garden plants. 

The Regal Pelargonium is also known as English Pelargonium or “Pelargonium Grandiflorum”. You only have to look at the size of the flowers and the colours to understand how this spring garden plant gained its second name. Do you want to enjoy these beautiful Pelargonium flowers untill late into the autumn? Read our Regal Pelargonium care tips below. Do you have a question of how to take care of your Regal Pelargonium plant? Send us an e-mail

  • The Regal Pelargonium is a house and garden plant. After a flowering period indoors, you can move the plant outdoors. Here it will bring colour to your patio until late into the autumn.
  • Regal Pelargoniums like to be in a light but sheltered place. The light will encourage the plant to grow vivid, colourful flowers. A sheltered place is necessary to protect the flowers from rain.
  • It's best to water the Regal Pelargonium twice per week, straight onto the soil, not on the plant itself. Add some plant fertiliser once every two weeks to produce an abundance of flowers.
  • Remove any faded flowers to encourage the production of new buds.
  • The Regal Pelargonium is an annual plant but can make it through the winter if taken care of properly. To prepare the plant for the winter period, prune the Regal Pelargonium to ten centimetres. During the winter months, leave the plant in a room with a temperature of approximately 12°C.